Comin' from Cleveland

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A State of Things To Come

Watching demolition of the cold storage building for the new overpass downtown.
Workers did not vacate the streets and bricks and cinder blocks are falling on people. A mass of people flee toward safety.
A revolt is initiated and the people of Cleveland are fighting with authorities. The riot turns violent as civilians are shot and killed and the people take over. The revolt starts a war that lasts decades.
People are constantly at war with each other and tribes develop as well as new languages.
One person who was involved with the initial revolt visits another tribe, which risks her life.
She meets with their leader, someone else who was involved in the beginning.
(Also, forgot to mention that one of the tribes kills and eats humans. They are savage and throw human meat at their enemies.)
She is astonished with how things have turned out. She gives a speech telling him how they started this war to save people and now the opposite is happening.
She scorns the savages as unfit for the compassion needed to create lawyers, doctors, psychologists, etc. out of each other and that the better society they both dreamed for isn't tangible anymore.

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