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Friday, July 23, 2010

Spotlight: Eleni Dimaio

Eleni Dimaio's works are at once playful and arresting.  Reminiscent of childhood simplicity and comicality, they serve as catalysts of present state contemplations.  Her usually innocent subject matters are perverted but controlled and provocative.  Among her work, one finds themselves considering the shallow nature of a society that allows so much of itself to be influenced by value judgments and material aspirations.

All of her works are functional in some way or another, always inviting viewers to become part of the work.  A twisted clown sculpture brandishing a mirror doubles as a mask with peep holes directing viewers to an image of themselves as the outsider.  A decapitated seal yielding a mirror where it's wound should be and lying in a pool of glitter blood creates a similar eulogy for the less fortunate or adverse.  She also makes traditional clay forms like vases and dinner plates, but all in her own vein (see baby vases above).

Eleni has a knack for maintaining an optimistic and satirical attitude on top of it all.  I usually don't go for work like this, but there is something raw and honest about them.  They are strange but natural, playful and contemplative.  Keep an eye out everyone.

Eleni is a ceramics artist currently living and working in Cleveland, OH.  She received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art this year.  She is an awesome person and a killer friend.  To view her c/v, more of her work, or to contact her, visit her blog:

Eleni Dimaio's Rainbow Connection

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